Elrin (MIA)

Elrin has blonde hair in dredlocks, green eyes, and wears hide armor. He always carries a scythe.


3rd Level Druid

STR: 13/1
DEX: 13/
CON: 12/1
INT: 11/0
WIS: 19/
CHA: 9/-1

HP: 30
AC: 15

Fort: +4
Ref: +2
Will: +7

BAB: +2

CMB: +3
CMD: 14

Scythe: 3; 2d41; x4
Medium Sling: +3; 1d4; x2
Silver Scimitar: +3; 1d6; 18-20/x2

Hide Armor: +4 AC

Handle Animal: +4
Heal: +11
Knowledge (Geography): +4
Knowledge (Nature): 6
Perception: +11
Ride: +5
Spellcraft: 5
Survival: 11

Skill Focus (Heal): +3 to heal checks
Toughness: +3 hp once, then +1/level after 3rd
Brew Potion

Immune to Sleep
+2 Saves against enchantments
Nature Bond: Volf
Nature Sense: 2 to survival and Know: Nature
Wild Empathy: 1d20
Woodland Stride: Move through difficult terrain
Trackless Step

Languages: Common, Elven, Druidic

50 ft hemp rope
4 Flasks
Sack of Seeds
Blanket (Used for bandages)
Spell Component Pouch

Lvl 0:
Detect Magic

Lvl 1:
Cure Light Wounds
Charm Animals
Magic Stone
Produce Flame

Spells per day – DC
4/0 – 16
2/1 – 17
1/1 – 18


Elrin’s tale begins with his eleven mother Ereana Cerridwen and his human father Jacob Ceres. Ereana was the owner of a small farming estate that supplied grains and vegetables for Blood Moon’s army. Because the estate was vital to the health of the army the tenants were allowed to continue working rather than being conscripted. Jacob’s parents had been farmers for House Cerridwen and always seemed to have a way with plants. Jacob had learned to crawl and walk in the fields as his parents worked. At the time his parents were even able forget about Blood Moon and live happily.

About the time Jacob was 5 years old was the first time Ereana noticed him. She saw him outside of one of the cottages poking holes in the ground with a stick. When asked what he was doing he replied, “I don’t want any of it to go to waste.” Jacob had taking the chaff from the wheat that had been harvested and found a handful of seeds. Ereana tried to tell him that you don’t plant during harvest season but, the boy was not deterred and responded that the plants wanted to grow.

Just as the first snow began to fall Jacob harvested the small patch of wheat outside the cottage with his father’s scythe. The boy could barely hold the large handle so he laid the blade on the ground and pulled the handle toward himself cutting through the slender stalks. At the end of his ordeal the small handful of wasted seeds became enough flower for two large loaves of bread. One loaf the family kept and the other Jacob took the Ereana. It became clear to Ereana that there was something special about Jacob. From that day on she took special interest in watching over him.

Many years passed by and Jacob continued growing plants in ways that no one thought possible. At the age of 15 Blood Moon, impressed with the bounty of food being produced, came directly to the farm and took his parents. She said that she was taking them to tend to her own personal crops and while the boy pleaded to come with them she only said, “I’m not ready for you yet child.” Ereana saw how heartbroken the boy was and without a family so she welcomed him into her home.

Over the next 3 years Ereana started to find out what she could about the surrounding farms and towns. Blood Moon had started to take the hardest workers from each area causing any thriving area to come back down to just above poverty level. It was obvious to her that no matter how well you served Blood Moon that eventually you would be treated just as bad as everyone else. Ereana developed a great fondness Jacob and wanted to protect him from Blood Moon. So she convinced him to disappear into the woods with her. The two built a small cottage and cleared a patch of land to farm. While the farm was not much it provided a quiet life for them.

On the day of Jacob’s 20 birthday Ereana gave birth to a son, Elrin. After the years of troubles the two were truly happy. They raised Elrin teaching him how to live off the land. Elrin had the same love for plants that his father did. Jacob nurtured him by teaching him the Druidic ways as his parents had taught him. Ereana was told nothing of this and only saw a great bond between father and son. Elrin was given the secrets of nature that were guarded so closely by his lineage.

On Elrin’s 20th birthday Jacob presented Elrin with his scythe, the same scythe that was left when his father was taken. The scythe looked much the same as it had 35 years ago when it was used to harvest the wheat during the winter. The tool had a number of repairs from the toll of the years and Ereana had painted it blue with runes that were supposed to provide a bountiful harvest. Elrin could not sleep that night as he thought back over his childhood. It had been a peaceful life and a good one. He knew nothing of the troubles of the world because his parents chose not to tell him.

The sun had been down for about two hours and the moon had started to rise. That night the moon was full and seemed a little bit larger than usual. What was truly unique that night was that the moon had a cold crimson glow to it. As Elrin stared at the moon peacefully he heard the sound of hoof beats. “A visitor?” he wondered knowing they had never had one before. As he listened harder he realized it sounded more like 7 or 8 horses. Elrin woke his parents and told them about the horses. Jacob told him to run to the lake and that they would be right behind him. Elrin ran as fast as he could grabbing the scythe almost instinctively as went out the back door.

Half way to the lake he turned around expecting to see his parents behind him but instead all he saw was the cottage going up in flames. He started to run back but a wolf with a silver coat unlike any he had ever seen blocked his path. The animal was not angry of friendly, it just stared at him with a determination. It was painful but Elrin accepted that if he went back he would be captured or killed but, what hurt the most was not know why anyone would come after his parents.

The wolf followed Elrin as he set forth deeper into the forest. It seemed that in losing one family he had gained another. Elrin gave the creature the name Volf a Druidic word for wolf initially as a joke but, over time it began to suit him. The two traveled far and wide collecting seeds and planting them wherever they went in remembrance of Ereana and Jacob. That was until 20 more years had passed.

At this time Volf started to disappear at nights and come back more tired that when they had laid down to sleep. Elrin thought that since the animal was getting old that maybe he was becoming a bit senile. One day Elrin was cooking a few trout over the fire when up came a wolf pup begging for a fish. Volf came over and nudged the pup back away from the fire. The pup he had silver fur and was the spitting image of Volf. Suddenly it made sense Volf knew his time was winding down so he knew he needed to train a new generation to watch over Elrin. They all ate fish and went to sleep together but, when Elrin woke up only the pup and he remained.

Elrin looked to the pup and then to the woods and whispered, “Goodbye old friend and thank you.” He gave the pup the name Volf as well for he could see the father’s blood ran deep within him. The two spent most of there time traveling through the woods but, visited a few border towns and farms. Elrin got little information but, managed to figure that this woman Blood Moon must have been responsible for what happened to his parents. He hated that he did not posses the power to go after her but, chose to live on for their sakes.

Around the age of 60 Elrin received a vision of the Goddess Transma in a dream telling him to head to a tavern. That he and others would be needed to end Blood Moon’s reign once and for all. He doubted that he could have the power to make any real difference but, he was not one to argue with a deity. At the same time his heart hoped that what Transma said could be true. That maybe, just maybe he could avenge his parents. For once in his life he started walking through the woods knowing exactly where he was headed and Volf kept pace right beside him. There was an air of confidence in both their steps as they stepped into the small farming town.

Elrin (MIA)

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