Cal/Aleric (MIA)

Calendorn an Elven Male is now Aleric an Aasimar Male.


Opal Warrior Faction


Cal or Calendorn was an Elven Male with Blond Hair and Blue Eyes, whose face is in shadow from the green cloak over is head. He wears a leather headband tied to keep his hair out of his face, when he pulls it out his hair frames the face and Cal wears a slight smile on his face. His handsome features put a person at ease, but if he feels the need, the viewer will be very confused by his wolfish smile and predator look. The predator face is often the last thing they see as they fall unconscious. Sometimes the foes of Cal doesn’t even see him, as the unconscious condition will overtake from a pain in the back of the head with a sap.

Cal particularly likes to fight with two weapons style when melee fighting and using his hand crossbow when needing some range. At longer ranges, his method of choice is to use stealth to close the distance. Though Cal is good he isn’t overly concerned with lives of those who fight for Blood Moon, Cal prefers not to kill. If Cal does kill he will do whatever penance required by the Phoenix and be truly sorry for taking a life. However, he will not allow another innocent person to die, as he did under the orders of officers in Blood Moon’s Army. Cal will not torture others, but they will not know if he will or not, his ambiguity on the matter makes others uneasy when the opportunity presents itself. That ambiguity in party members countenance helps him to sell it those he interrogates that he will resort to painful interrogation.

Trickery and illusion are his first answer to situations, he knows how to lay an ambush, distract his opponent, and generally put them at unease. Cal also can put someone at ease to feel out their wants or needs. Understanding and sympathetic to those who need his protection or in social situations. Cal is often stone-faced and neutral while accessing the situations, but if he needs to seem hard and dangerous he is capable of that too. Cal is a rough and tough rogue that should be taken seriously.

Cal’s early life is something he doesn’t like to talk about, his family’s status were minor knights of a local lord. The lord eventually fell afoul of Blood Moon and he and his loyal retainers were put to the sword. Deprived of his family he made his way to a city, where he learned that sometimes to survive morals must be flexible. Cal became a Rogue and a member of standing in a small thieves organization. After returning from a successful job, he decided to celebrate in a small pub known to him.

That was a mistake, after about 15 minutes of celebration a Press Gang for Blood Moon’s Army entered the pub. After being “joined” to the Army, Cal proved his worth as a scout rather than as a normal ranker. He made use of his skills to observe and reconnaissance the enemy forces. He was not a wilderness scout, but one that was used where the enemy is known to be. Each time the army ended a family’s happiness he became a little more disgruntled until he could no longer forgive his part in it. Then it was a short time till he was able to desert, he was reconnoitering a town through a well system when he realized that it emptied to a river. He made it appear as he fell into the river, they are unaware if he is dead or runaway. Cal is a dedicated foe of the Blood Moon regime.

It turns out Cal is actually an Aasimar Paladin in the service to Makuma, he was in a deep cover mission where his spiritual force was placed into the womb of the female of a childless elven couple. Calendorn (the Aasimar know as Aleric), was so deep undercover that he didn’t remember his previous life. Makuma’s servants gave him the some motivations to place him on track to become an officer in Bloodmoon’s forces, this plan failed its intend goal. However due to his innate will, Aleric (Cal) survived and was eventually recruited into Bloodmoon’s Army as a Scout instead of an officer. Aleric was changed back to his original life when he visited the Holy Temple of Makuma. Aleric is trying to integrate his memory of Cal’s elven life with his ongoing Aasimar life. The Priestess Enarean Calmsong is helping Aleric reawaken.

Cal/Aleric (MIA)

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