The Reign of Blood Moon

The Outpost Raid

The group arrived at the Outpost, being let in. There are more people there than Enarean had mentioned. A few of them were having dinner. Heinz went over to one of the men and asked where the bar was. Galtan attempted to diffuse the situation. The man made a comment about Heinz’ height, and Heinz replied proudly that he was a dwarf. As the man started to question, Galtan attempted to fix the situation again, talking about Blood Moon starting a tunneling program with captured dwarves, to try to dig into the mountain. The man got up from his seat, and went into a building that most of the men had gone into.

The man came out with a group of four, and called the heroes infiltrators, and attacked. The fight was long, and the heroes were outmatched and out numbered. One of the men managed to get inside, and came out a little later with a familiar green haired, green eyed woman with a dire wolf beside her. She told her men to stand down.

Elrin yelled for someone to grab the cleric. Gorn did so. Enarean was upset that her information was wrong. Dalisay explained that the outpost had belonged to Blood Moon’s men only five days previous. And that Enarean’s information had been correct, yet outdated. After questions were passed, she told them that she had sent Teeli to tell them what was going on. The Halfling never showed up.

The Iron Soul

The group deals with the seven archers, finding out that the mummy is dead, but his spirit is bound to a crystal that was embedded into his chest. He still wants to go after Orana, but can’t the way he is. The group is taken to the Tower, and Adin places him in one of her constructs. She tells them that they would need to get stronger, before they would be able to help the mummy save Orana.

Adin also tells the group that Celesta cannot go with them. She explains that she was bitten by a werewolf, and would turn into one on the full moon, and Adin does not know where to find the herbs needed to cure Celesta in time. If Celesta were to stay with the group, she would kill them on the first full moon, and Adin would keep her from hurting anyone. The group gets sent back to the mausoleum without the paladin, and goes back to the town.

Entering the Inn, the party rests, and when they wake up, a new form is sitting in the inn. Her name is Enarean Calmsong. She gets up and goes over to the party and introduces herself. She tells them that she knows what they are trying to do, and wants to help them. She says that she is able to heal if they are hurt. She has red hair and blue eyes. She is also an elf. She wears a white and pale purple clerical outfit, with a light cloak. She also wears a silver tiara with an opal gem. She looks like a cleric.

She tells them that she knows of a Blood Moon supply route to a outpost nearby, and they can take it out, and raid its supplies.

They discussed a plan. They weren’t sure how they were going to go about it. They decided upon placing a dead log in the road, and then when the caravan stopped, they would cut a rope and drop another one behind them. The plan worked, and the group sprung out and attacked the caravan. Volf jumped out, and spooked the horse in the back, and the horse tried to get away, almost trampling Gorn and pushing into the first wagon. Luckily, the horse stopped, and Elrin tried to calm it down. They succeeded in knocking out Blood Moon’s men, and disguised themselves as Blood Moon’s people, and took the caravan to the outpost.

The Crystal Binds

On their way to the mausoleum, the group noticed the two necromancers from before, appear out of nowhere. Heinz, who had never seen them before, attacked one of them when Celesta drew her swords.

The dwarf managed to wound the necromancer, but the area was plunged in darkness, and all that could be heard was the girl scream, and all was quiet. After the darkness subsided, Onara and the Necromancers were gone. There was only a spot of blood from where the wounded necromancer had stood.

The party went back to the mummy to give the tragic news. The Mummy wanted to rescue her, and told them that they needed to release him, by shattering the objects that bound him. He gave them silver weapons to help them out. They found their way into the lower areas of the mausoleum, into a crypt, and found the objects they needed to destroy were crystals.

The first was easy.

The second was in a room with three ghouls. The dwarf barred himself in the doorway, not letting the rest of the group by, and had to deal with the three of them all at once. He was wounded badly, and the rest managed to take the three out.

The third was taken out by the Rogue, Cal. He snuck into a room, and found the crystal guarded by zombies. He took his hand crossbow out and shattered the crystal without the zombies noticing, then snuck back.

The fourth was in a room with a wolf. They used a sling to break the crystal, then stood outside the door, ready for it. When it got to the doorway, they found it had morphed into a humanoid form. It was a werewolf! Celesta had her two blades ready, cutting into it, the werewolf sinking its teeth into her shoulder. Volf pinned him, and Celesta decapitated it.

The fifth and Sixth were easy, and they returned to the Mummy, who was being stood over by a blood-cloaked woman with a red, white, and black bow. The mummy was not moving. [Cue ‘One Winged Angel’] The woman turned towards the group, looking at them with green eyes. She spoke to them, telling them that they weren’t yet a thorn in her side, but that if they became one, she would kill them easily. The group was speaking to Blood Moon The Immortal, herself. The dwarf talked back to her, and she took her out her whip, smacking him in the throat with it. She said that she would not kill them, since they weren’t worth it, so she sent in seven of her guards to kill them. She turned and left.

The Mage of Constructs

As the Party started on their way, they found themselves whisked away from their travel to a strange room. Large iron creatures stood around the room. It seemed to be a normal living area, with a fireplace. Though the party noticed that those they had met before, were there. Teeli, Dalisay, Aranel, along with others that they did not recognize. They were greeted by a woman wearing a long white cloak and hood, who strangely had one eye that was made of a gemstone. She introduced herself as Adin Shamas, and let the group rest while dinner was being prepared. They slept only a minute, and felt as though they had eight hours of rest. Upon dinner, Adin spoke to everyone that was there. She said that they were running out of time to find the leader of the Emerald Guardians, and she feared that she was already dead. She got updates from the leaders of the other factions, though the leader of the Human faction, the Sapphire Soldiers, was not there.

After dinner, the others made their way towards the Living room. Adin approached Twelve with two scrolls and a staff. The letter was from his mentor, along with the staff and the scroll, which was of a powerful spell that she knew he would one day need.

When Adin and Twelve went into the living room, another woman appeared in the room, having a large hippogriff with her. She had a hammer that was bigger than she was. She introduced herself as Alexandra Drake, the leader of the Sapphire Soldiers. Adin gave the Party amulets that would work only for themselves, and whoever they willingly touched, and the stones that would be placed in it would take them to each of the factions’ bases. Alexandra gave the group a sapphire, which would take them to the Human base when they were ready. She advised that their problems would be suicide if they decided to show up any time soon. Alexandra said her goodbye and left.

The group was introduced to two new friends, a dwarf barbarian, and a human barbarian.

After the meeting was adjourned, they were sent back to the road they were on, and they moved on. Their path led them to an old mausoleum that blocked the path, the old doors barely hanging on for dear life. They slowly went inside, lighting up the area, and finding a mummy, wearing armor that had a unicorn on it. The Unicorn was the symbol of the god of Purity, Kanea.

The mummy introduced himself, and to their surprise, the Mummy was actually an ancestor of Celesta. They talked for a good while, about the past, and the present, and Celesta found out that her ancestor was wanting to meet this girl he had seen pass through his mausoleum. He had written her a letter, and asked the party to deliver it for him, since he could not leave.

Celesta accepted, and they moved on to find a girl known as Onara. They moved on and went to the inn, where the dwarf got drunk and knocked himself out. They found out that Onara was the village’s occult-dealer, and her shop only opened around dusk. The group waited and had dinner, and around dusk, the Inn keeper asked if they were going to be out or in. When asked why, he stated that he had seen his aunt out in the courtyard a few days ago, and his aunt had died few weeks previous.

The group knew that it was another undead problem. They decided to dispatch of the zombies, going outside and meeting with a group of six of them. The group killed them easily, and made their way towards the graveyard. They knocked on the door of the undertaker, and found the door creak open. There was blood on the door. Going inside, they found the undertaker dead in his bed, obviously eaten.

The party made their way towards the back, Heinz deciding to jump out the window, and find himself side by side to three zombies. The party made their way out the back door, and to their surprise, these zombies were faster than the others, and two of them were found to have the plague. The party managed to get rid of them, without getting infected, and made their way to speak with Onara.

Onara was a strange one, having a shop of strange items, none of the magical quality, since she didn’t want Blood Moon after her. She agreed to meet with the mummy, obviously fascinated with mummies, and went out with them.

Oh Tangled Webs...

As the party packed up their campsite, Teeli, who had stayed with the Bandit Camp, returned, telling them that Dalisay needed Galtan the fighter, and said that the group could have Synder the Ranger and Cal the Rogue. She took Galtan back to the bandits, and the party moved on after a short introduction.

Halfway through the woods, they encountered a clearing that had one large tree, with bushes and spiderwebs that took up almost the entire clearing. In order to move on, the group needed to get past the webs. Of course, webs that big usually meant a large spider or two. The group resulted in throwing a rock at the spiderweb. Instead of a large spider, three masses of little spiders swarmed out of the webs. The group started backing away, trying to attack the spiders, and finding out their attacks did nothing on the small creatures. They had to think fast. They backed up towards where the road had ended, throwing torches out in front of them to try to keep the swarms back. It worked, and the spiders retreated back to their webs.

The group knew they had to find a better way to get rid of the webs, coming up with an idea and throwing fire at the webs. The webs burned the little spiders, and the screeching of a larger spider could be heard. A Large spider crawled out of the tree, moving towards the group. Elrin identified it as a black widow, very poisonous.

The group was able to knock out the spider. From the corner of Twelve’s eye, he could see a black flash from the remains of the webs. Turning around, they saw skeletons coming up from the ashes.

The group managed to take down the skeletons, Twelve starting to believe that his teacher’s bracelet was the one causing the dead to rise. Meanwhile, the entire group saw another black glow, turning around and watching as the spider got up and started attacking them.

Twelve was able to discern that the effect was necromancy, and they took the spider out. When they did, they heard a mock clapping coming from the woods. They turned and saw two black cloaked forms coming out of the woods. One commented about their ability, and underestimating them, and that they would meet their end eventually. He went back into the woods.

The other stayed behind, and looked towards Twelve, hitting him with a Ray of Frost. He said that they would take good care of his teacher. Twelve retaliated and hit him with a Magic Missile. The form’s hood fell back and Twelve recognized him as Eldreon, his mentor’s previous student who went to necromancy.

Eldreon turned and left with his new mentor. The group moved on, Twelve silent most of the time.

First Blood

After the Dachande the Fighter, Celesta the Paladin, Elrin the Druid, Twelve the non-wizard, and Teeli the Rogue took out the five zombies in the graveyard, Twelve found an object on the ground. It was an elven bracelet with a blue gem in the middle of it. Twelve recognized it as his teacher’s bracelet.

Celesta knew there was something about the bracelet that caused Twelve to act strangely, and despite his efforts to hide the fact, Celesta saw through it and asked him who the bracelet belonged to.

Twelve told her that it belonged to a friend, and when asked if she could have been the one who raised the zombies, he told her that there was no way, that she was against necromancy. Celesta only nodded, and reassured him that they would find his teacher, and save her from the ones who took her.

Upon reaching the inn to speak with Aranel about the zombies, they find the inn a mess, Aranel sitting in a chair, wounded, and that three of the Half-Elf Faction (the Opal Warriors) members were dead. Aranel tells them that it was Blood Moon’s people who attacked. That they had found the faction, and that they needed to move as soon as possible.

The group knew that they needed to tell Dalisay of the Bandit Camp, that Blood Moon’s people were in the area. If they were found out, Blood Moon would come to kill them. After Aranel and the others left, The group was met with four blood-cloaked forms with blood red bows. They were members of Blood Moon’s faction. The group managed to dispatch of the four easily, and without killing anyone. The leader showed up. She spoke to the group about joining Blood Moon, or dying there on the spot.

Teeli started to sneak around the Leader while the group talked with her, and out of nowhere, Elrin used entangle on the leader, and Teeli stabbed the leader in the back and rendered her unconscious.

The group, not being a group of killers, decided to take the five to Dalisay. Dalisay made the five an offer. Join her and the bandits, or die. They were more interested in living, so they joined Dalisay.

The groups parted ways, and the Party made their way towards the next town through the woods. They encountered four wolves, taking care of them, and relocating them to another area before they continued on. They camped for the night, and during the night, a wolverine wandered upon the camp. Celesta was on watch, and woke up Elrin before going against the Wolverine. She dealt a good amount of damage, but the Wolverine went into a frenzy and severely wounded her. Elrin and Volf, his animal companion, managed to wound the wolverine enough for it to go unconscious. Elrin tended to Celesta, and they went back to bed, continuing on the next morning.


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